As lockdown starts to lift and the world slowly gets back on its axis it's time to bring our Tea and Biscuits series to an end. So, to celebrate 14 months of planning, unplanning, and replanning and thrown-out plans, endless Zoom calls, and crazy live stream projects, Emma sits down with the whole Wise Children team to look back on the last year.  

This week it's Watershed CEO, Chair of Wise Children's Board, Board Member of the RSC, digital guru, and all-round uber cool person.  None of this explains why we're playing records from an early 80s Kids From Fame album. You're going to have to listen to find out. 

This week Emma is swapping stories with Allegra Galvin.  Allegra is a key part of the Wise Children story and this episode explains how.  

Expect tales of the Kneehigh Barns, clandestine meetings at railway stations, anxious late-night phone calls and the best ever example of expectation-management.  

In short, we wouldn't be doing all this without her.  If you're thinking of starting a theatre company then this is a must.  If you're not thinking of starting a theatre company you should listen anyway as it's about home, love, stories, and wonder. 



This week Emma is talking to Steve Tanner.


Steve has been taking pictures of Emma's work for the last 20 plus years. All those iconic images of Kneehigh and Wise Children shows will have come from Steve. This is a fascinating insight into the process of capturing images of shows. There's some good music too from Nina Simone, Romantics Anonymous, and Jurrasic 5 to name a few. 


This week Emma Rice talks to Craig Johnson about their times touring the village halls of Cornwall in a van, Tristan&Yseult, Don John and Squashbox Theatre.  There's music from Blondie, Kneehigh's Tristan and Yseult, Bernard Herman and much more... 

The Tea And Biscuits Podcast is back! Today Emma is joined by director Keziah Serreau for music and biscuits as they remember their time at Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Shakespeare's Globe (amongst many others).  

On today's show Emma shares a Rich Tea and cup of Earl Grey with Tony Jayawardena. Emma and Tony have worked together on The Empress, Wah Wah Girls and Twelfth Night.  

This week it's long time collaborator, supporter and all-round problem-solver - Bristol Old Vic's very own Tom Morris!


It's an emotionally charged episode as Emma and Tom talk about their past collaborations such as Night of The Circus, Wooden Frock and A Matter of Life & Death.  



On today's show Emma sits down with actress Natasha Jayetileke. 

Emma and Natasha have worked together on shows including Wah Wah Girls, Romantics Anonymous and Wise Children. 

Expect tales of Bollywood in Clapham and the dangers of working with Ms Rice. 

It's an emotional one this week.  Emma sits down with Matthew Dunster and they remember their time at Shakespeares Globe.  

Tears, laughter and an amazingly diverse soundtrack - just like their brief tenure.



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